Davines Hair Products and Solutions for Autumn/Winter 2022

With the colder months fast approaching, you may notice your hair lacking in moisture and looking dull so why not invest in yourself this season and make not only your hair look better but it make your hair smell divine with our Davines hair products.

Problem: Dehydrated Hair
Solution: MOMO/ Range  
With Paceco Cartucciaru Yellow Melon extract, Slow Food Presidium.
Rich in water, vitamins and mineral salts, it gives prolonged hydration.

MOMO/shampoo provides deep hydration.
MOMO/conditioner moisturising and detangling that gives softness and silkiness.
MOMO/hair potion Universal leave-in moisturising cream that leaves the hair soft and shiny without weighing it down.

This range also offers a lovely shampoo bar, a great little socking filler this Christmas!

MOMO/shampoo bar Moisturising solid shampoo bar for dry or dehydrated hair. A solid texture that develops into a rich creamy foam during application to give softness, shine and silky texture.

Problem: Brittle and Damaged
Solution: MELU/ Range
With Villalba Lentil Seeds Extract, Slow Food Presidium.
Rich in serine and glutammic acid, the most abundant amino acids in keratin, it nourishes and repairs.

MELU/shampoo breakage preventing and shine giving shampoo, it gives silkiness and light to the hair.
MELU/conditioner breakage preventing and shine giving conditioner, it gives body and volume leaving the hair soft and light.
MELU/hair shield heat protecting shield, it effectively protects the hair from heat stresses caused by straightener and blow driers.
Problem: Dull or Unnourished Hair and scalp
Hydrating and restructuring products for dry and damaged scalp and hair.
All the formulas contain phytoceuticals extracted from grapes, rich in polyphenols and with a very strong antioxidant power.

NOURISHING/shampoo cleanses gently with a nourishing action without changing the hair structure.
NOURISHING/vegetarian miracle conditioner Balm suitable for unstructured and fragile hair. It deeply moisturises the hair, making it soft, bright, easy to comb and reinforcing the structure.
NOURISHING/vegetarian miracle mask Extra moisturising and nourishing mask for dull, thick or unruly hair. It deeply moisturises the hair, making it soft, bright, easy to comb and reinforcing the structure.
NOURISHING/hair building pak Restructuring mask for damaged hair. Thanks to the vegetal keratin and the Biacidic Bond Complex, it nourishes the roots by strengthening the fibres and protecting it from oxidative damages. The hair is soft and full-bodied.
NOURISHING/keratin sealer Nourishing and protective fluid that doesn’t need rinsing. It seals hair cuticles, increasing their brightness and softness. Strengthens the hair fibre, preventing split ends.

Problem: Dry Hair
Hydrating and light products designed for maintaining healthy hair.
All the formulas contain phytoceutials extracted from Echinacea, rich in polyphenols and sugars, with a very strong antioxidant power.

WELLBEING/shampoo Light shampoo enriched with extracts and proteins with moisturising, protective and anti-oxidant properties. Its full-bodied and rich foam cleanses without attacking and changing the hair structure.
WELLBEING/conditioner Formulated to untangle and moisturise the hair making it soft and silky.

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