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The Station Hair And Beauty are on a mission to ‘Salon Sustainability’ and we’ve teamed up with environmental service Green Salon Collective to make our already sustainable, conscious and savvy salon even more responsible starting with our salon waste.

Did you know that according to a study at Southampton University, 99% of salon foils end up in landfill?  By partnering with Green Salon Collective, 100% of our foil will be recycled. Green Salon Collective raise money from this process and these profits go towards charities and good causes across the UK & Ireland.

 Your hair will now be recycled too! Green Salon Collective are working on ‘hair boom and mat projects’ that could see your hair soaking up an oil spill therefore saving wildlife and protecting nature. Green Hair Collective also use recycled hair for gardening and composting too.

That is just a couple of the areas that we will be working on to improve our sustainability. We will also be sorting and sending off all 7 types of plastics and all used PPE - yep all the used disposable masks that can’t currently be recycled? We can now recycle here at The Station! Chemicals too, any left over hair colour will be taken away and converted into reusable energy!

 We are extremely excited by all of this and we know you will be too and together we will make that much needed change and work towards saving our planet and helping to build a greener future.

So how does this work? Well, we have invested in all the bins and special bags etc needed to make all of this possible and ensured every member of the team at The Station have been educated on what and how to sort all of different types of salon waste. All you have to do is keep visiting The Station - on your invoice you will see a £1 “Green Fee.” This money goes to Green Salon Collective, they will collect all of our bags of goodies, take them to their specialist recycle centres and turn them into wonderful things. Thats it, that’s all we need you to do - that and tell all your friends about how great you are and how you’re helping us save our planet too!

If you have any further questions please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions or any concerns.


Kind regards,

Team Station


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