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Thai Yoga Massage
Thai yoga massage is done fully clothed, does not use oil and is done on a mat.
Thai yoga massage works with stretching and acupressure.
The aim of thai yoga massage is to relax mind and body, relieve muscle tension and rebalance your energy flow.

After receiving a thai yoga massage you will feel completely renewed, with a sensation of being gently stretched out and your mind will feel at peace and reenergized. 


Deep Tissue Massage

What is a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is an intense massage done with oil (or cream).
Movements are quite slow and the intensity of the pressure applied is quite high.
It reaches deeper layers of the muscle and the fascia.
It aims for deep relaxation and relief from muscle aches and tensions.
It relieves from knots (adhesions)  and helps to improve muscle function.
It's also great for those who play sports and feel muscle aches after intense workouts.


Swedish massage

Swedish Massage is simply  known as "classic massage".

This technique aims to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension.

Swedish massage is gentler than deep tissue massage and better suited for people interested in relaxation and tension relief.



Abdominal Massage

An emotional  visceral detox

Chi nei tsang follows the concept that feelings, thoughts and emotions accumulate toxins and blockages in internal organs that result in knots and tangles in the abdomen, constricting the flow of energy (Chi) along the body.

The abdomen (our second brain) can process some emotional garbage, but not all. Having an abdominal massage will help you soften some visceral emotions and help you to feel lighter in your guts!

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient Taoist practice which deeply works the organs on all levels–physically, emotionally and energetically–in order to make them work more efficiently and to heal unprocessed negative emotions that the person has repressed throughout their life.

It  was developed by the White Cloud Taoist Monks in ancient China and spread to the world by Master Mantak Chia from Thailand.

Chi Nei Tsang literally means working the energy of the internal organs. In a systematic manner, the abdomen is warmed with oil prepared with palming massage strokes, and then worked from the right side to the left side.

Organs and arteries are worked on deeply and sometimes painfully. When there is pain or transference of sensation, there may also be toxins that show up as a yellowing on the practitioner’s gloves. You will feel some areas of both hardness and softness, and may experience an inability to breathe followed by a deeper ability to digest life and all its nutrients upon completion of a session.

When a person’s abdomen is blocked, large, or hardened, multiple sessions are recommended (at least 3 massages, weekly at start with).

All of the body’s systems–digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine, urinary, and reproductive –are addressed in a session. All emotion experienced needs to be processed on a physical level, and this is where discomfort can occur. In between intense times (such as the kidney point, for example), the the receiver may find themselves falling asleep.

It is important to emphasize that the Chi Nei Tsang neither treats symptoms, nor attempts to cure any illness. It should be taken as a holistic complementary treatment. 

Chi Nei Tsang addresses the whole person and can be of particular benefit to contemporary problems caused by stress such as sleep disorders; digestive disorders involving the liver, gallbladder or kidneys; nervous disorders such as anxiety and depression; and autoimmune disorders such as IBS and chronic fatigue syndrome.

In the Tao system, each organ is known to hold different negative emotions. For example: the liver holds anger, the kidneys hold fear and the stomach holds worry. When massaged intentionally, these lower emotions can be eliminated in the body, and a shift can come (at anytime) for the person who has received a treatment.

It is a system designed to precipitate change by bringing awareness to the internal organs. It also makes you more aware on the emotional level of the body, thus inducing the body to heal itself.




An amazing treatment to go along with your massage

We offer cupping together with a therapeutic massage.

Cupping is an ancient therapy that uses cups placed on your back to create a negative pressure, allowing blood and Qi energy to flow much more freely through your body than previously. This non-invasive treatment is great for improving the health of your vital organs and reducing swelling and pain caused by inflammation. Consider it a one-stop anti-inflammatory treatment for all your aches and pains.

Cupping will be applied after the massage.

During a therapeutic massage, a firmer pressure is used and more specific attention is paid to the area (or areas) where you have muscle knots or trigger points.

It is common for cupping to leave distinctive small, circular bruises on the areas where the cups were applied and it is usually painless. These cupping marks are discoloration of the skin due to broken blood vessels just beneath the skin, much like a bruise. This indicates the level of blood and Qi stagnation, toxin accumulation, or dampness accumulation in your body. The colour of the marks reflect the level of stagnation in that area. The darker the colour, the more stagnation present. These harmless marks will slowly fade before disappearing completely after approximately 1 week depending on the skin’s regenerative ability. After regular cupping treatments, you will find that the marks will visibly become lighter and lighter.



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