Yet Again beautiful and eye-catching packaging (we’d expect no less!), Davines introduce five new hair masks to make immediate and essential parts of your clients hair and scalp beauty routine. Each of the five masks has a unique fragrance and purpose, but are united in providing beautiful results that your clients can touch and feel instantaneously. Designed for single-use, their slim-line (and CO2 neutral) packaging make them extremely portable so ideal for use on the go and the intricate designs make them a perfect present or stocking filler, too. As ever, the formulas have been developed in the Davines Laboratories with high percentages of natural origin ingredients so we know there are absolutely no nasties! 
Let’s meet them… 
• The Spotlight Circle
Brings extra shine and instant brightness to hair, enhancing the natural or cosmetic colour. Deeply conditioning, it moisturises the hair without weighing it down thanks to the Moringa oil in the formula. 
• The Quick-Fix Circle 
For those on the go, this mask tasks just 3 minutes to get going providing instant moisturise,  leaving the hair soft and shiny. Natural red clay in the formula helps to remove impurities in the hair, too. 
• The Renaissance Circle
Revive your hair from the straining effects of an hyperactive lifestyle, too much colour or thermal styling with this mask. Babassu butter and yellow clay work on the hair’s structure making it look healthier and stronger.
• The Wake-Up Circle
Rejuvenating and energising, this violet colour mask works to de-stress the hair and scalp, bringing tone and volume. The formula includes Rhodiola extract and violet clay, both rich in rebalancing and anti-toxic properties. 
•  The Purity Circle 
Remove scalp impurities caused by atmospheric pollution, this mask is enriched with matcha tea that fights free radicals and 100% natural eco-certified bamboo charcoal with adsorbing properties, which gives the product its characteristic black colour.

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