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The Full Moon

Full moons are the peak of the build-up of energy. Therefore they are a good time to let go and release the old and practise forgiveness and gratitude. The best time to do this is the night before the full moon as opposed to afterwards.

Click on the link below for the forgiveness and gratitude ceremony’s recording by our holistic therapist Elle.

Next Full Moon: 28th January in the sign of Leo

What is the impact that this full moon may have on you?

  • The energy of this full moon is bright, proud and dramatic
  • Ensure during this time that you control your ego and that you stay humble as this full moon can make us feel dramatic and over the top.
  • This is also a creative time so ask yourself if you have been expressing yourself creatively enough. Put yourself out there and express yourself.
  • Think about what you need and what your friends need and find the balance between the two.
  • Find the silver lining and bigger picture no matter what’s happening. 
  • You may feel the need for freedom or something new/fresh.




The information above has been inspired and gathered with use of the book ‘Moonology by Yasmin Boland’. If you have an interest in the moon phases in relation to your star and rising sign I would highly recommend this book.

 Elle Youngs x

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