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The new Body Active line is dedicated to those who want to intensify their sports activity for a well-defined and fit body. A unisex approach in three steps that is made up of practical solutions. It is suitable for an active lifestyle and with targeted functions to be used before, during and after work-out, for faster and more visible results. Body Active: your fitness assistant.

Following our SCIENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULAS™ approach, our formulas are free from silicons, parabens, artificial colours, animal derivates and mineral oils. Dermatologically tested, they are supported by specific efficacy tests. The silicones have been replaced with natural oils and butters that afford the same silkiness and softness for a “real active beauty” on the skin.


From a small herbaceous plant, also known as Peruvian Ginseng, which grows in semi-desert conditions: an active remedy that reshapes and invigorates the silhouette.

Obtained from a micro-organism living in the beautiful Bermudas, this extract mimics the mechanisms normally activated during physical exercise and favours an intense lipolytic action.

Rich in minerals and magnesium, this clay from Brazil favours the recovery of mineral salts, which is essential after physical activity.


[ comfort zone ] believes in an integrated approach to beauty and wellbeing. Thanks to the support of our Scientific Committee, we propose an approach that is complete with nutritional, lifestyle and fitness tips to maximise the results of physical activity, for a visibly more tonic and fit body in less time.

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