Davines (Picky Puddles) Love curl Box Set 2021

Davines (Picky Puddles) Love curl Box Set 2021


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A clarifying collection to hydrate wavy & curly hair.

LOVE CURL Shampoo - Creamy shampoo to give elasticity to curly or wavy hair. The moisturising formula cleanses the hair, makes it soft and light enhancing its volume, shine and without compromising texture.

LOVE CURL Conditioner - Conditioner to enhance and control wavy or curly hair. Its formula makes the hair soft and light giving elasticity and volume without weighing it down.

This is a Curl Building Serum - Leave-in serum for creating defined, bouncy curls. This Is A Curl-Building Serum adds elasticity and shine to curls, blocking frizz and humidity.


  • Blocks frizz and humidity
  • Restores elasticity to curls
  • Enhances and protects curls
  • Mosturises and enhances volume