Liquids account for 70% of the body weight of an adult. Water performs is many way within our body among all a proper hydration is also essential for our skin to keep it elastic, healthy and glowing.


Thirst is a late alarm bell of dehydration in the body due to generic causes, but often liked to  environmental factors, lifestyle and diet. 
When skin is “thirsty”: it looks dull and pale It is chapped and uneven to the touch it is more sensitive to external agents it ages more easily.


To maintain its optimal level of hydration, skin naturally avails itself of a double mechanism:

Barrier function: to reduces water evaporation.
Water diffusion: proteins acting as «channels» to transport water into the cell heart and hyaluronic acid acts as a sponge and creates a water reservoir in the skin.
The Skin natural functions and wellbeing is the base for our Hydramemory line formulations.


[ comfort zone ] believes in an integrated approach to beauty and wellbeing. With our Scientific Committee, we propose a complete
approach of products, treatments, and lifestyle tips to maintain your skin and body hydrated and healthy.

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