Heidi (The station Wagon ) in the press

Heidi (The Station Wagon )

A BEAUTY salon has set an example in the industry after launching its second sustainable initiative in just five months.
The Station Hair and Beauty in High Street, Mistley, is opening a 1960s eco-friendly coffee van in a bid to reduce the use of single-use coffee cups.
This comes a few months after the business announced it is working with Green Salon Collective to turn customers’ hair into booms to soak up oil spills.
The coffee van, which will be based next to the salon, is launching this Sunday and is offering customers three ways to stay sustainable.
“The third option is a loan cup service - a client can take one of our cups and if it is returned within seven days we don’t charge anything.”
Business owners say they have also hired a full time barista, who will be working with local products only.
Mr Gerrard added: “All our suppliers will be local so nothing will travel further than a few miles.
“We are working with East Bergholt Bakery and Small Town Brownies for the little treats we will be doing.
“Each lockdown we have ended up with a different project.
"We are not very good at sitting around. “
The salon, which is also using sustainable beauty products, started recycling hair waste back in April to reduce waste and help the environment.
Each month they have been filling a couple of bins with hair, which would otherwise go to landfill.
Mr Gerrard added: “It is sickening to see how much is thrown away from one small salon in a little village and there are so many salons around the world.
“This is a staggering amount of waste.”