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Eye Pillow Herring

Blasta Henriet

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  • Soft Yoga and Meditation Eye Pillow

    With a pre-washed and softened linen cover this eye pillow is perfect to use as a warm compress for dry eyes or during Savasana to deepen relaxation.

    Can be used hot or cold. Oven and microwave safe. CE compliant.

    Size: 23x12cm // Weight: 200g

    The linen cover can be removed and washed separately.

    Plain linen back.

    Unscented. Can be scented with our Lavender Mist or pure essential oils.

    Clear safety instructions and suggested areas of use on both packaging and product tag. Made in England.

    • Cover: 100% European Linen OEKO-TEX® • Inner Bag: Natural cotton, Cotswold Wheat • FSC® certified packaging made from recycled waste fibres.

    • Heating and cooling times.

      • Microwave: 30 - 60 seconds 600W

      • Oven: 5 - 10 minutes 125 °C

      • To use as cold pack, freeze for a minimum of 30 minutes.

      To get the most out of your wheat pack and make sure it remains a long-loved piece for years to come; read our.