Stay Home With The Station -Relax and De-Stress Package.

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We have put together this lovely package to help with de-stress and relaxation. 

All the Stay Home Packages come in a lovely presentation box.

Included in this package are the following Items.

**Items can be purchased separately please click the photo to purchase them separately   

Please Note 

A consultation via phone or video chat, is also included with your package with one of the team. Either prior to purchasing, to advise or after your purchase to ensure you know exactly how to use your  items. 


Comfort Zone Tranquility Blend

The signature fragrance of [ comfort zone ] in an exclusive blend that includes essential oils of cedar wood and sweet orange, intentionally created for ultimate  relaxation and all round harmony during the day or before nighttime rest.
It  draws on the benefits of aromatherapy to bestow an immediate sensation of mental and physical wellbeing, helping to balance the frenzy of modern life.

For everyone, to enjoy a moment of wellbeing, alleviate stress and improve the quality of rest.

Comfort Zone Tranquility Candle 

Tranquillity is the fragrance symbol of [ comfort zone ], this aromatic relaxing candle pleasantly perfumed with intense floral notes, sweet orange and cedar wood diffuses around you an exclusive and exquisite fragrance to create a pleasant feeling of relax and wellbeing.

For all those who want to create a time and place to relax.

Eye pillow by BLASTA HENRIET

Weighted eye pillow to soothe tired eyes and help deepen your relaxation.

Use as a warm compress to relieve dry eyes, ear ache or migraines.


*This design also comes in yellow