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Skin Regimen

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Delicate shaving gel for daily use. Formulated with Tasmanian Pepper Extract, the self-foaming texture facilitates easy application and rapid shaving, leaving the skin soft and smooth. New natural, energizing and reinvigorating aroma for invigorating action on both mind and body.

Free from silicones.
86% natural-origin ingredients.

Recommended for daily shaving of all skin types.

/how to use

  1. Shake the bottle and spray some product into the palm of your hand.
  2. Rub hands together and apply a thin layer on the areas to be shaved.
  3. Proceed with shaving then rise abundantly.


Tazmanian Pepper Extract: a natural ingredient of Australian origin, specifically designed to protect male skin from mechanical shaving and external agents. The berry contains a powerful active ingredient called Polygodial, an anti-inflammatory substance that soothes irritations caused by shaving. The berries also contain anthocyanins with antioxidant action, and rutin to strengthen the capillaries.

/pro tips

For very sensitive skin it is recommended to use a few drops of /skin regimen/ 10.0 Tulsi Booster before applying /skin regimen/ Shaving gel.